7 Facts About Men,ladies Beware


pulse-beckfordI know some guys are gonna wanna hit me for this but Heyyy??? Im trying to save our baby mamas in the house;


These are the facts about men character, ladies of nowadays should beware don’t let them keep teasing you again.





1.Guys can never love one girl/ladies


Most guys can’t just stay with one lady, only 5% of 100 men can stay committed in a relationship, a new girl comes by today with better physical features and their mind is out of it!




2.Guys love s*x more than love


An average normal guy just needs the woman to warm his bed, a little hint to the baby mamas in the house; when he says I love you ladies if in private lol down his jeans and confirm his state of arousal lol.



3Talented In lying

Lying! Men are so good at this some men can lie so good that even the ladies would not even suspect a thing ladies beware!






4 Talk softly while wooing a lady


Guys can pretend!! The only time some guys voice can change is when they are wooing a lady or trying to get something from her.




5 heart breakers



Ladies don’t love up! Most guys are just waiting for that new chick to pass by so they can break your heart!



6 can promise girl heaven and earth


The broke guys fall into this category, they can promise you from now till the end of the world and they haven’t even fed themselves well.


7 fear pregnancy but hate protected s*x


Guys fear pregnancy like kilode, they will not hesitate to deny the baby when you get pregnant for him.



🙂 My fellow Guys I hope you all agree…



Ladies the floor is open you can add to it.shirtless-strong-man-posing-in-style-100184730pulse-beckford

Is a Writer & Chief editor at 24vibe, Also an Entertainment & Tech Enthusiast.

Is a Writer & Chief editor at 24vibe, Also an Entertainment & Tech Enthusiast.


  1. Miss dammy says:

    Lol and if you look at this from now till eternity you will also remain single for life lool mrwise

  2. MrWiseMrWise says:

    Lol smile, That’s guys for you, don’t tell your boyfriend I said this oo….. 😉

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